Top Features of SQL 

Ultimate tool to manage relational databases

Want to know how to easily pull data from your relational database? Introduce yourself to SQL (Structured Query Language) - ultimate tool for querying, modifying, and managing data.

SQL is the language used to communicate with relational databases. From retrieving and inserting records to creating new databases & setting permissions, SQL is the go-to tool for working with relational databases.

Introduction to SQL

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Top Features of SQL

1. Data Definition Language (DDL)  Take control of your database structure with SQL's Data Definition Language (DDL). Create, modify, and delete tables and other database objects with ease using DDL's powerful commands.

2. Data Manipulation Language(DML)  Manipulate your data like a pro with SQL's Data Manipulation Language (DML). Use the insert, update, and delete commands to easily manage your data, and select to retrieve the data you need.

3. Relational Foundation  SQL is built on a solid foundation of relational databases. Its intuitive tabular structure makes it easy to learn and use, and its strong theoretical background ensures that your data is organized and consistent.

4. Security and authentication  Keep your data secure with SQL Server's built-in security features. Use encryption, authentication, and authorization to protect your data from unauthorized access.

5. Transaction Control Language (TCL)  Maintain the integrity of your data with SQL's TCL. Use commands like commit, rollback, and savepoint to control the flow of data changes and ensure that your database stays consistent.

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