HashMap Interview Questions to Prepare For

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A HashMap is a collection that stores unique key-value pairs in Java. It allows for efficient retrieval of values based on their corresponding keys.

What is a HashMap?

1. Stores key-value pairs using a hashtable  2. Stores only unique keys  3. No particular ordering of elements  4. Import java.util.HashMap for usage.

Important properties of a Hashmap in Java

1. State the differences between a Hashmap and a Hashtable in Java.  2. Specify whether hashmaps in Java are thread-safe or not?

HashMap Interview Questions for Freshers

3. Does hashmap allow you to store null values?  4. Specify different methods of creating a hashmap in Java along with implementation.

1. Which is the best technique to handle collision in a hashmap.  2. Define LinkedHashMap in Java.

HashMap Interview Questions for Experienced

3. Differentiate between Hashmap & ConcurrentHashMap. 4. What is maximum no. of entries you can store in HashMap?

1. Write a program to find the highest frequency of a character in a given string.  2. Design & implement a class that contains two function find() as well as add().

HashMap Coding Interview Questions

3. Write a program to make a hashmap synchronized in java.  4. Write a program to make a hashmap synchronized in Java. a hashmap and state which method is used for it.

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