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iOS is the operating system developed by Apple for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

What is iOS?

1. Supports multitasking for easy app switching. 2. Allows for seamless integration with social media. 3. Offers secure online storage & backup. 4. A closed system for enhanced security

Features of the iOS Platform

1. State the difference between Android and iOS.  2. What do you mean by deep linking in iOS?

iOS Interview Questions for Freshers

3. What is the framework that is utilized to build an application's interface for iOS?  4. State the difference between App ID and Bundle ID.

5. What is ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)?  6. What are the different types of iOS Application States?

1. What is Objective-C in OS? Name the most important data types in Objective-C.  2. Explain NSError in Swift.

iOS Interview Questions for Experts

3. Why design patterns are important? Name some of the popular design patterns used in iOS?  4. Explain iBeacons in iOS.

5. Explain the @dynamic and @synthesize commands in Objective-C.  6. State the difference between KVC and KVO in Swift.

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iOS MCQ Questions

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