Top IoT Applications making a Positive Impact

A Quick Overview

What is IoT?

A system that allows embedded devices like sensors, wearables, etc., to communicate, collect, and exchange data over Internet. Data collection allows IoT to interact with one another.

Top IoT Applications

1. Smart Home  A smart home revolutionizes residential spaces and is efficient, effective, and economical. Smart lighting can adjust itself based on user preferences and ambient light.

2. Wearables  Various wearable devices, such as virtual glasses, fitness bands, etc., contain sensors, hardware for readings and measurements, and software for storing and organizing data.

3. Smart Cities  IoT is used in smart cities for smart surveillance, automated transportation, smart street lighting, smart energy management, water management, waste management, urban security, etc.

4. Smart Grid  IoT-enabled smart grids provide robust energy management solutions.  Smart electricity meters make it easier to monitor and control electricity flow in city block/industrial power plant.

5. Industrial IoT (IIoT)  ML and automation, combined with IoT, help organizations increase productivity and efficiency. IoT improve product and packaging performance both in cost and customer satisfaction.

6. Connected Cars  Smart sensors embedded in vehicles facilitate safe and smooth driving by preventing accidents. Connected cars use AI to warn drivers of dangers such as lane departure and collisions.

7. Healthcare Sector  IoT devices enable doctors to monitor metrics and receive alerts for vital signs, so they can provide better care. Solutions based on nanotechnology can even monitor cancerous cells.

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