Top IoT Projects in 2022:  What's hot?

1. Air pollution monitoring system using IoT

This project is used to measure air quality, and LCD will display air quality regularly in PPM. MQ135 and MQ6 sensors measure harmful gases when the air quality drops from a benchmark.

2. Weather Reporting System using IoT

It collects data from temperature, humidity, and rain sensors and reports it online to provide weather forecasts. Alerts can be set for volcanoes, tsunamis, and other calamities.

3. Flood Detection System using IoT

It predicts floods and generates alerts by monitoring and detecting environmental factors like temperature, humidity, or water level to minimize massive loss of life and property.

4. Smart Gas Leakage Detector Bot using IoT

The system detects gas leaks to prevent fires, disasters, or toxicity spread. If a leak is detected, a bot in the pipe monitors it and shares its location via a GPS sensor.

5. Home Automation System using IoT

It automates all your home appliances, like fans, lights, etc., and gives you power to control and manage all of them from anywhere in the world with just one click on smartphone.

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