The Top Features You Need to Know

Java 8 introduces functional interfaces having single abstract method, and lambda expressions can easily implement functional interfaces by implementing their abstract method.

1. Functional Interfaces And Lambda Expressions

2. forEach() Method In Iterable Interface

"forEach" method in Java 8 allow Collection classes to iterate items. The method takes single parameter i.e., functional interface, so lambda expressions can be passed as arguments.

3. Optional Class

Optional class handles NullPointerExceptions in Java, and allows to pass other code/values to execute, thereby reducing no. of null checks required to avoid a NullPointerException.

4. Default And Static Methods In Interfaces

Java 8 allows you to add non-abstract methods to interfaces. You can create interfaces with method implementation using Default and Static keywords.

5. Java Stream API For Bulk Data Operations On Collections

Java 8 introduces a new Streams API for bulk data operations on elements/items of Java collections, and enables you to process components of Java collections in parallel.

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