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It is essential to keep up with the latest releases & advancements in Java technology.     Let’s learn about the exciting new features of Java 9 and gear ourselves closer to your Java, J2EE, and SOA certifications.

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Java 9 marks a major milestone with several new features including modularity, the REPL (JShell) environment, a powerful HTTP client, and an improved Process API that enhances its versatility and performance.

Java 9 - A Milestone in Java Ecosystem

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Top Features of  Java 9

1. JShell – REPL Tool No more waiting for projects to build, simply enter your code snippets & receive instant feedback. Plus, added the ability to launch in-built or external code editors and even load pre-written classes.

2. Project Jigsaw in Java 9 Say goodbye to chaos of cluttered code & hello to a modular, organized approach with Project Jigsaw. With strong encapsulation & clear dependencies, you'll experience improved efficiency, scalability, & reliability.

3. Noteworthy API Updates  Get ready to tackle complex problems with enhanced CompletableFuture API & support for the Reactive Streams publish-subscribe framework. Plus, with improved Stack Walking API, traversing stack traces has never been easier.

4. Stream API Improvements  With the new takeWhile and dropWhile methods, you can manipulate streams based on a specified predicate. Additionally, the ofNullable method lets you create a single-element stream or empty streams.

5. Process API Upgrades  A new way to obtain information about processes is through java.lang.ProcessHandle.Info interface. This allows you to learn about things like the process ID, command line, start time, CPU duration and owning user.

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