Top Java Frameworks You Should Be Aware  Of In  2023

1. Spring

As a versatile Java Framework, Spring reduces the complexity of developing enterprise-grade applications. It is regarded as the inversion of control container for Java platform.

2. Hibernate

An object-oriented domain model can be mapped to relational database using this framework. hibernate.cfg.xml file includes information about mapping Java classes with database configurations.

3. Play

The Play framework is based on the well-known MVC architectural pattern. Mostly, Play is used for creating content-driven web applications and Java and Scala applications.

4. Apache Struts

Creating visually appealing Java web apps can be achieved with Struts. It favors convention over configuration. REST, AJAX, and JSON can be supported through a plugin architecture.

5. Dropwizard

With features like advanced configurations, logging, application metrics, etc., this lightweight framework is ideal for fast-paced development. It supports rapid prototyping.

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