Top Java Projects With Source Code

1. Password Generator using Java

Password generator allows users to create strong, complex passwords when creating any accounts online. Use such functionality so that passwords are encrypted to increase security.

2. Online Survey System

The project is intended to gather viewpoint of targeted audiences through an online survey, and then send promotional emails and launch online surveys based on the opinions gathered.

3. Data Visualization Software

This project involves the visual depiction of data in a pictorial arrangement. Information is presented using appropriate graphical or pictorial representations in a clear and compelling manner.

4. Electricity Billing System

This project automates the entire electricity billing process, making it convenient, seamless, and efficient. It compute monthly bill amount based on units of electricity consumed.

5. bFit Cognitive and Memory Testing Game

This project is an online brain exercise game that tests your memory and cognitive skills. It involves creating UI, implementing game logic, making a splash screen, and many more.

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