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A scripting language that provides advanced features to web pages beyond static HTML, allowing for quick content updates & interactive user interfacess.

Introduction to JavaScript

1. Scripting Language  JavaScript is a scripting language specifically designed for client-side execution on web browsers. Its libraries and features are optimized for web development.

General Language Features

2. Interpreted Language  An interpreted language, executed line by line by browser. This makes it easier to write & test code, as changes can be quickly made & executed without recompiling entire codebase.

3. Event Handling Functionality  JavaScript enables event handling, allowing developers to respond to specific user actions or occurrences in a web app. This includes built-in events like mouse clicks.

4. Client-Side Validations  JavaScript simplifies web interactions by enabling client-side validations to ensure that user inputs are valid & prevent spam submissions, leading to improved user experience.

Language Use Features

5. Platform Independence  JavaScript is platform-independent & can run on any computer, irrespective of OS. This means that same JavaScript code will produce same output across all platforms.

6. Asynchronous Processing  JavaScript enables asynchronous behavior through Promises & Async functions, which execute tasks parallelly, improving processing time & responsiveness of web pages.

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