Top JavaScript Libraries that you must know about

What are JavaScript Libraries?

Enhance HTML web pages by adding interactive dynamic features such as navigation, forms, and dynamic content.

1. jQuery

A lightweight and feature-rich JavaScript library for manipulating Document Object Models (DOMs). To manipulate HTML and CSS, it offers a wide range of techniques.

2. React.js

Simplifies the process of building user interfaces. Like a game engine, it uses declarative programming to build components that update and animate themselves.

3. D3.js

Manipulate documents or elements of webpages such as HTML, SVG, or Canvas elements based on data and create interactive visualizations in the browser.

4. Underscore.js

Utility functions are provided for programming tasks, and it has a functional programming design rather than object extension prototypes. 100+ functions make web development easier.

5. Lodash

With 100+ different functions included, as well as a few utility functions and data structure helpers, it is a complete utility library for modern JavaScript developers.

Why is it important to have JavaScript Libraries?