Top Kubectl Commands

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What is Kubectl?

Kubectl is a command line tool for running commands against Kubernetes clusters. It lets you deploy applications, manages cluster resources, and displays logs.

Kubectl Commands for Cluster Management

1. kubectl api-resources - List API resources available.  2. kubectl version - Specify Kubernetes version running on client and server.  3. kubectl config view - Get cluster configuration.

Kubectl Commands for Namespaces

1. kubectl create namespace <namespace_name> - Creats namespace  2. kubectl edit namespace <namespace_name> - Modify namespace   3. kubectl delete namespace <namespace_name> - Delete namespace

Kubectl Commands for Node operations

1. kubectl get node - List one/more nodes  2. kubectl delete node <node_name> - Delete one/multiple nodes  3. kubectl top node - Show CPU/Memory/Storage usage for nodes

Kubectl Commands for Listing Resources

1. kubectl get namespaces - List namespaces in plain text  2. kubectl get pods–field-selector=spec. nodeName=[server-name] - List all pods running on a given node server

For more information about Kubectl commands

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