Top Linux Interview Questions to Prepare for

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What is Linux?

An open-source Unix-like operating system that directly manages hardware & resources of a system and is considered more secure & faster than Windows.

Top Features of Linux

1. Free and open source.  2. Robust and adaptable.  3. More secure.  4. A Multiprogramming system.  5. Has a software repository for application support

Why Linux is important?

Being proficient in Linux can open up career opportunities in fields such as software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and data analysis.

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Linux OS Internals

Get the answers to top Linux OS interview questions, including-   1. Explain Kernel and its functions.  2. What do you mean by a Process States in Linux?  2. What do you mean by a Process state in Linux?

Linux Networking

Test your knowledge with these interview questions, including -  Explain different network bonding modes used in Linux.  What is SSH? How to connect to a remote server via SSH.  Differentiate between Soft & Hard links.

Linux Commands

Tackle challenging interview questions related to linux commands, including -    1. What is the ping command?  2. Which command is used to check the memory status?  3. What is the function of the grep command?

Linux MCQ Questions

Take on challenging Linux MCQs and start honing your skills for the next interview. Don't wait, take the challenge now!

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