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Top Low-Level Design Interview Questions

Software development involves High-Level Design (HLD) & Low-Level Design (LLD) stages where the system's components are defined & designed in detail before writing the code.


It involves designing high-level architecture of a system, components, & interactions, & creating database design. It converts business requirements into high-level solutions.

What is High-Level Design (HLD)?

What is Low-Level Design (LLD)?

It involves designing each component in detail, like classes, abstractions, object creation, & data flow between objects. it converts the HLD into ready-to-code, detailed components.

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Tech interviews now often have LLD or Machine Coding rounds. Hone your technical skills and critical thinking abilities to be prepared for any LLD interview question.

List of things that a software developer needs to learn -  - Object-Oriented Language    - Object-Oriented Principles   - UML Diagrams   - Design Patterns   - Practice LLD Questions

How to prepare for LLD Interviews?

 - Clarify & Gather Requirements.   - Class Diagram & Use Case  Diagram & Schema Diagram (If required).  - Lastly, start writing the Code.

How to solve LLD problems?

 - Design Parking Lot   - Design Splitwise   - Design Tik Tok Toe Game   - Design Car Rental System   - Design Bookmyshow

Some Frequently asked LLD examples to Practice

Take on challenging LLD MCQs and start honing your skills for the next interview. Don't wait, take the challenge now!

LLD MCQ Questions

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