Top Machine Learning Courses to Enroll in

Data Science and Machine Learning Program by Scaler

The course is developed with insight from advisors from the top tech companies. Hands-on training and well-structured modules prepare you for the toughest ML and Data Science tasks.

Machine Learning by Stanford University

The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of ML algorithms. Also, you learn to implement ML algorithms for text understanding, database mining, creating robots, and more.

Machine Learning Specialization by University of Washington

Students will learn both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in Regression algorithms, Clustering algorithms, Classification algorithms, and Information Retrieval.

Machine Learning Crash Course with TensorFlow APIs

This carsh course by Googgle offers a hands-on introduction to ML. It starts with a question about your previous experience with ML, and it guides you to the right resources.

Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics by ColumbiaX

The course introduces you to ML and its different algorithms. Topic modeling and data analysis are also taught to help you uncover hidden meanings in large data set.

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