Top Node JS Projects Ideas with Source Code

For Beginners to Experts

It's an open-source runtime environment that allows you to run JavaScript on the server. Plus, it can run on various platforms like Linux, Windows, and mobile. Want to learn more? Go ahead and explore now!"

What's NodeJS all about?

Node.js allows you to use JavaScript on both the frontend and backend, making it easier to keep your code in sync. Plus, it's known for being efficient for real-time applications and has a massive community.

What makes Node.js a good choice?

Create a chat app where multiple users can communicate without refreshing page using Node.js, WebSockets, and Expand the app by adding features like a login form, offline/online label, & video calling.

1. Real-time Chat Application

Project Ideas for Beginners

Build a multiplayer game where players try to destroy each other's ships using Node.js, Express, and Start with single-player logic and turn it into a multiplayer game, then style it with advanced CSS.

2. Battleships Multiplayer Gaming Application

Create a web application that changes its design regularly using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, & AWS. Add a timer that shows when design will change next & update design every hour.

3. Generate Random Design” Web App

Project Ideas for Intermediates

Build a web app to track sleep patterns using React, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Java, Node.js, & Vue. The app should allow users to upload, edit, & delete sleep entries, have a good UI, & a reliable database.

4. Sleep Tracker App

Build a full-stack MERN application for sharing memories, using MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, & React. Add features like login with email & Google OAuth Authentication, related tags, & images, etc.

5. Share Memories – Social Media Application

Project Ideas for Experts

Create an app to track payments from clients using MongoDB, Express, Node.js, and React. The app should allow users to save client details, create & send invoices, generate follow-up reminders, & more.

6. Payment Reminder App

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