OS Interview Questions to Prepare For

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A software program that manages & coordinates all computer resources, including hardware and software. It acts as an intermediary between users & hardware.

What is an OS (Operating System)?

1. Memory & processor management  2. Providing user interface 3. File & device management  4. Resource rescheduling   5. Error detection Security

Functions of OS

1. What is RAID structure in OS? What are the different levels of RAID configuration?  2. Explain demand paging.

Basic OS Interview Questions

3. What is a bootstrap program in OS? What is IPC?  4. What are the different IPC mechanisms?

1. What are starvation and aging in OS? What is a Scheduling Algorithm?  2. Name different types of scheduling algorithms.

Intermediate OS Interview Questions

3. What is the difference between multitasking and multiprocessing OS?  4. Explain the zombie process.

1. What is a deadlock in OS? What are the necessary conditions for a deadlock?  2. What do you mean by Belady’s Anomaly?

Advanced OS Interview Questions

3. Write the difference between the microkernel and the monolithic kernel.  4. What is spooling in OS?

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