Oracle DBA Interview Questions

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A powerful DBMS that efficiently stores & retrieves data, allowing multiple users to access the same info simultaneously. Also, provides high-performance results.

What is Oracle?

Oracle DBA Interview Questions for Freshers

1.  What are the different types of Oracle database shutdown modes?

2.  What occurs when we run an SQL statement in Oracle?

3.  How does Oracle DBA position vary from Oracle Developer role? Is there any resemblance between these as well?

4.  What is the distinction between Raid 5 And Raid 10? Which is the better option for Oracle?

Oracle DBA Interview Questions for Experts

5.  What are the procedures to change the archiving mode of a database from NO ARCHIVELOG to ARCHIVELOG?

6.  In what cursor attributes the outcomes of DML statement execution are saved?

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Oracle DBA MCQ Questions

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