Top PHP IDE and Source Code Editors

A Quick Guide

PHP IDE is an IDE dedicated to PHP development. It lets you develop and manage PHP projects of any complexity level.

What is PHP IDEs?

This PHP IDE supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript essential for web development. With smart PHP code editor, you'll get auto code completion, syntax highlighting, code refactoring, etc.

1. PHPStorm

A commercial IDE largely inspired by PDT/PHP Development Tools plugin for Eclipse IDE. Interface is intuitive, and clutter-free, allowing you to stay focused on your work while easily accessing features.

2. Zend Studio

A popular IDE that works well with dynamic languages, including PHP. With this IDE, you can develop PHP projects from scratch, from writing code to testing it for errors.

3. Komodo

NetBeans offers PHP development support despite being a Java IDE. Several PHP extensions need to be installed in NetBeans before writing PHP code. It supports HTML5, CSS3, etc.

4. NetBeans

This plugin allows the Eclipse IDE to provide extensive PHP development support. Also, it allows you to customize its user interface to suit your preferences.

5. Eclipse PDT

Primarily a web development IDE, but PHP plugin allows you to use it for PHP development. An integrated debugger and smart coding assistance features make this IDE a must for developers.

6. Aptana Studio

PHP IDE provided by AWS, accessible from anywhere and from any device through a web browser. Good for anyone who doesn't want to manage development tools and project files locally.

7. Cloud9

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