PL/SQL Interview Questions

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A procedural language that extends SQL capabilities and was created by Oracle to build & handle critical apps efficiently by combining the power of SQL with procedural constructs.

What is PL/SQL?

Top PL/SQL Interview Questions

1.  What is the use of WHERE CURRENT OF in cursors?

2.  How do you write comments in a PL/SQL code?

3.  What is the importance of %TYPE and %ROWTYPE data types in PL/SQL?

4.  Why is SYSDATE and USER keywords used?

5.  What are COMMIT, ROLLBACK and SAVEPOINT statements in PL/SQL?

6.  In what cursor attributes the outcomes of DML statement execution are saved?

7.  How can you debug your PL/SQL code?

8.  Write a PL/SQL code to count the number of Sundays between the two inputted dates.

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