Power Apps  Interview Questions to Prepare For


A low-code platform that offers professionals with a high-demand skill set for creating custom apps, automating processes, & achieving efficiency, with support for various data connectors.

Introduction to Power Apps

1. Is it feasible to develop Power Apps without having license?  2. When should you use Model-driven apps instead of Canvas apps as a consultant?

Power Apps Interview Questions for Freshers

3. How may a distinct user environment be created in PowerApps?  4. What Can't PowerApps Do? What Sets It Apart From Others?

5. What is the purpose of the Patch Function feature in canvas apps?  6. Is Flow reliant on Power Apps, or does Power Apps rely on Flow?

Power Apps Interview Questions for Experienced

1. What is the difference between the PowerApps functions IsMatch, Match, and MatchAll?  2. Explain concurrent function.

3. In PowerApps, how can Error Handling be implemented?  4. What is a Combo Box? What distinguishes it from the Drop-down?

5. What is the purpose of the Power Apps Loading Spinner?  6. In PowerApps, how can I cache data?

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