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What is Power BI?

A powerful data analytics tool used by businesses to gain insights & make informed decisions. Professionals with Power BI experience are in high demand due to its popularity.

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New to the Power BI?

Get the answers to top interview questions for freshers, including-  1. What are the available views?  2. What are the major components of Power BI?  3. Power BI can connect to which data sources?

Intermediate in Power BI?

Test your knowledge with these interview questions, including - 1. What is Power Pivot?  2. What is DAX?  3. Difference between Power BI and Tableau?

An expert in Power BI?

Tackle challenging interview questions, including -    1. Explain types of visualizations in Power BI.  2. What are custom visuals in Power BI?  3. Explain Power BI services.

Power BI MCQ Questions

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