Top Power BI Project Ideas for Practice

For Beginners to Experts

With this project, companies can keep track of their sales and get answers to all of their questions.  For dashboard, you could use Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Funnel Charts, etc.

1. Product Sales Data Analysis

Project Ideas for Beginners

It shows effectiveness of marketing campaigns and features performance analysis of products & platforms. Used to assess success of marketing campaigns and various activities.

2. Marketing Campaign Insights Analysis

This improves financial reporting in a company that offers accounting & financial reporting services to clients. It provides you with reliable financial reports in a timely manner.

3. Financial Performance Analysis

This analysis compares health expenditures across 192 countries over the last two decades. We can use PyCaret to implement clustering analysis.

4. Global Health Expenditure Analysis

Project Ideas for Intermediates

The project explores various aspects of global energy production and exchange. Various topics are analyzed like expansion of wind energy, use of energy consumption, and many more.

5. Energy Trade Analysis

A method for identifying suspicious data or events (outliers) that pose problems for authorities. It’s an ML technique for detecting suspicious credit card transactions or events.

6. Anomaly Detection in Credit Card Transactions

Provides detailed overview of pandemic's essential parameters and detailed account of situation. A Power BI dashboard is created that displays active cases, deceased cases, and more.

7. Covid Insight Analysis

Project Ideas for Experts

Analyze airport data to provide a clear picture of aviation industry. Using Power BI dashboards, you can see no. of flights (incoming and outgoing), no. of delays (arrivals and departures), etc.

8. Airport Performance Analysis

Here is a  list of Top Power BI Project ideas that may be of interest to you.

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