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A mathematical concept that measures likelihood of a specific event happening, expressed as a number between 0 & 1, where 0 means impossible & 1 means certain.

What is Probability?

1. Evaluate decision-making abilities.  2. Showcase ability to handle uncertainty & risk.  3. Shows your ability to make accurate predictions.

Why it is important?

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Probability Interview Questions for Freshers

1.  Given that a die is rolled twice and the sum of the numbers is noted to be 6, what is the conditional probability that the number 4 has occurred at least once?

2.  What is the likelihood of drawing two cards with the same suite (from the same deck)?

3.  What is a p-value? If you had a different (far larger, 3 mil records, for example) data set, would it affect how you interpret the p-value?

Probability Interview Questions for Experts

1.  How do you determine whether assignment to the different buckets in an A/B test was indeed random?

2.  A and B are playing a game where each player flips all of their coins. A has n+1 coins, and B has n coins. What is the probability that A will have more heads than B?

3.  A discount coupon is given to 2 riders. The probability of using a coupon is P. Given that at least one of them uses a coupon, what is the probability that both riders use the coupons?

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Probability MCQ Questions

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