Top  Python Projects  for Beginners to Experts

A Quick Overview

1. Email Slicer Slice and dice an email address to produce the username and domain with this simple Email Slicer project.

2. Snake Game  Revive the classic snake game using Python and the Turtle module, perfect for beginner programmers looking to create something fun and easy.

3. Dice Rolling Simulator  Roll the dice and generate random numbers with this engaging Python project, complete with a text-based user interface and the random module.

4. Fibonacci Generator  Explore the fascinating Fibonacci sequence and create a recursive function to check if a number belongs to the sequence in this intermediate-level project.

5. Black Jack  Take on the challenge of creating a fully-functional Black Jack game in Python, complete with card shuffling, betting, and card ranking.

6. Currency Converter  Create a simple & useful GUI application with this intermediate project, allowing users to convert currencies from one unit to another using Tkinter & pygame library.

7. Face Mask Detection  Fight the pandemic with a face mask detection project, using Python to detect masks and prompt for errors in public places.

8. Music Player  Bring your love for music to life with this advanced Python project, building a music player with a UI that allows for file scanning, browsing tracks, & controlling volume.

9. Content Aggregator  Simplify content collation with this advanced Python project, using Django to build a content aggregator that sources & compiles material from various websites.

10. Plagiarism Checker  Put your NLP skills to the test with this advanced Python project, building a plagiarism checker that uses a search API to scour writing works for any overlap with existing sources.

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