Top Python Projects with Source Code

For Beginners to Experts

Email Slicer is just a simple tool that will take an email address as an input and slice it to produce the username and the domain associated with it.

1. Email Slicer

Project Ideas for Beginners

This Python project spells out the numbers as you specify. It supports more than a million inputs, including zero, negative integers, and floating numbers.

2. Number to Words

Are you looking for images for a new project? Run this software and you will be able to download any number of images related to a topic. Do not violate copyright issues.

3. Google Image downloader

Want to create amazing stories using images? With this project, you will be able to create a sentence after capturing an image. Download some pre-trained models and style vectors.

4. Image to Story

Project Ideas for Intermediates

It is a fun project that asks the user to guess a number after receiving a few hints from the computer. Each time a user gives a wrong answer, another hint appears to assist them.

5. Number Guessing

This project will involve creating a recursive function that checks whether input numbers belong to the Fibonacci sequence. Make sure your data type can accommodate Fibonacci values.

6. Fibonacci Generator

The goal is to build a content aggregator from scratch with Python and Django framework. It simplifies process of searching and collecting all resources and materials in one place.

7. Content Aggregator

Project Ideas for Experts

You can make chatbots that interact with users & gather information. Features of AI are available, like learning, memory, conditional switches, topic-based conversation handling, etc.

8. Building Chatbot

This Python project allows you to create a plagiarism checker for any writing project. It uses an NLP tool along with a search API to create a plagiarism detector that is easy to use.

9. Plagiarism Checker

Here is a list of Python project ideas that may be of interest to you.

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