Top React Native Project Ideas with Source Code

For Beginners to Experts

Want to build dynamic apps for both Android and iOS without the hassle of learning different languages? Look no further than React Native!

A cross-platform framework developed that allows developers to build native apps for both Android & iOS using JavaScript. It's perfect for developers looking to expand their app-development skills.

Introduction to React Native

Working on projects can help you understand the framework better, including setting up NodeJS. Dive into React Native projects and gain a deeper understanding of the framework's practical uses.

React Native Projects

Bored with basic calculators? Create a dynamic cross-platform calculator application using React Native's customizable components that perform basic arithmetic operations & complex functions through an intuitive UI.

1. Calculator

Want to keep track of time with style? Build a stopwatch/timer application with React Native that allows users to measure the time between two events. Include a reset & lap button for multiple intervals & clearing existing input.

2. Stopwatch/timer Application

Create a dynamic wallpaper app that allows users to save & change device's wallpaper from a grid of beautiful images. With React Native & APIs like Unsplash, give various options to customize device's home & lock screens.

3. Wallpaper App

Build a seamless car booking app like Uber or Ola using React Native, Redux, Tailwind and Google autocomplete for a user-friendly experience. Utilize the MapView component for interactive maps.

4. Car Booking App

Build your own social media app on React Native. Make use of a post section to share comments & include map navigation features using React Native map components to view location of friends on interactive map interface.

5. Social Media App

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