Top Real-life Java Applications

All you need to know

With Java's scalability, strength, & dynamic nature, it can be used to build apps for handle thousands of requests simultaneously.  Approx 3 billion devices  uses Java for development.

Introduction to Java

Java is known for its functionality and security. It offers-     1. Scalability   2. Cross-platform compatibility 3. Automatic memory management  4. Support for multi-threading.

Why use Java?

Let's take a look at some of Java's most popular applications->>>>

1. Android Development  Java is used by Android programmers to write managed code to manage & control Android devices. Companies employing Java for mobile apps are Nasa, Spotify, Uber, etc.

Applications of Java

2. Server Apps in Finance  Java has been widely used by financial institutions & banks for software development for over 20 years. It provides a secure platform for creating web apps for FinTech industry.

3. Distributed Applications  Since distributed apps need to be dynamic & scalable, Java is ideal choice for implementing them. Jini describes infrastructure for offering, registering, & discovering distributed services.

4. GUI Applications  Java can be used for developing web and GUI applications. Also offers a 3D graphical interface for creating modern desktop apps. Examples include Acrobat Reader, Mediaplayer, etc.

Here are some of the best Java applications you need to know about.

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