Redux Interview Questions to Prepare For


An open-source JavaScript library used to manage & centralize application states, providing consistent behavior, easy testing, 7 additional features like Undo/Redo state & persistence.

What is Redux?

1. Is it true that Redux can only be used with React?  2. Highlight the key differences between mapStateToProps() & mapDispatchToProps().

Redux Interview Questions for Freshers

3. Show using code how constants can be used in Redux.  4. What are the reducers in Redux's architecture?

5. What do you understand by action in Redux's architecture?  6. Give an example of the usage of Actions in Redux's architecture.

Redux Interview Questions for Experienced

1. Explain the typical data flow in an application made using React & Redux.  2. Explain with an example how to set the initial state in Redux.

3. What is the mental model of redux-saga?  4. How can we structure the top level directories in Redux?

5. How can we access a redux store outside a react component?  6. How can we use connect from react redux?

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