Robot  Framework Interview Questions

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An open-source acceptance testing & development framework that supports keyword-driven, behavior-driven, & data-driven test case styles & is compatible with all OS.

What is Robot Framework?

1. Improve efficiency & reliability of software development.  2. A valuable skill for software testing & automation.  3. Versatile & flexible and a popular topic in interviews.

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Robot Framework Interview Questions for Freshers

1.  What are the names of all the file formats that the Robot framework supports?

2.  What are the different types of variables in the context of the robot framework?

3.  What do you understand by RIDE in the context of the robot framework?

Robot Framework Interview Questions for Experts

1.  Explain the high-level architecture of the robot framework.

2.  Differentiate between Robot Framework and Selenium.

3.  What do you understand about test setup and teardown in the context of the robot framework?

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Robotic Framework MCQ Questions

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