SCCM Interview Questions to Prepare For


SCCM is a Microsoft product used for managing & deploying software, updates, & settings across various devices in an enterprise environment.

What is SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager)?

1. Mention some SCCM Client installation options that are available.  2. What do you mean by SCCM logs?

SCCM Interview Questions for Freshers

3. What is a Content Library?  4. Explain BDP (Branch distribution points).

5. What do you mean by SCCM client check?  6. Is there any possible technique to change a secondary site to a primary site?

SCCM Interview Questions for Experienced

1. State difference between WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) & SCCM. 2. What is the importance of Intune?

3. Explain why to use BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) in SCCM.  4. What do you mean by out-of-band management?

5. Explain Deployment share SCCM.  6. What are the different prerequisites required for the Software update point?

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