Top Selenium Frameworks to Boost Your Testing Game

Want to save time & effort on manual testing while ensuring your web applications function flawlessly? Selenium is the choice.

What is Selenium?

A free & open-source automated testing framework used to validate web applications on various browsers & systems. It can be used with a variety of programming languages such as Java, C#, and Python.

What are Selenium Frameworks?

Want to make Selenium testing easie & more efficient? Look into Selenium Frameworks! These powerful tools not only make code maintenance a breeze, but they also increase code reusability, portability, & readability.

Top Selenium Frameworks

1. Linear Scripting Framework  A basic level test automation framework that is implemented in the form of "Record and Playback" & is executed linearly. It's used to test small-size apps by recording each test step & playing them back.

2. Modular Testing Framework  This framework breaks down the entire application under test into smaller, independent tests. It provides an abstraction layer that protects master module from modifications made in individual tests.

3. Library Architecture Testing Framework  A framework for testing library architecture. It's built on a modular foundation, where common tasks are grouped into functions and stored in a library for re-use in test scripts.

4. Data-driven Framework  This framework separates logic of test scripts from data used in tests. It enables the generation of test automation scripts by providing the script generator with multiple sets of test data.

5. Keyword Driven Testing Framework  This framework uses keywords to drive the testing process, using a table structure to declare keywords or action words for each function or method to be tested.

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