Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions

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An open-source tool used to automate web browser interactions & simulate user actions on web apps. It provides a programming interface for creating automated test scripts.

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

1. Automates web testing.  2. Supports multiple programming languages.  3. High demand in the software industry - good for job interviews.

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Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions

1.  What are the different types of waits that WebDriver supports?

2.  In Selenium WebDriver, how do you handle Ajax calls?

3.  At a bare minimum, how many parameters do selenium commands have?

4.  How do I retrieve the value of an attribute in Selenium WebDriver?

5.  What kinds of Selenium WebDriver exceptions have you run into?

6.  What is the best way to acquire the textual matter of a web element?

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Selenium WebDriver MCQ Questions

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