Top Serverless Frameworks you must know

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Serverless is the way of creating and deploying applications on the cloud with ease. You can focus on writing the code that matters, instead of worrying about the underlying server and its maintenance.

What is Serverless?

A Serverless Framework is a tool that helps you build cost-effective, auto-scaling service applications with ease. It comes with monitoring, testing, and security features included - all for free! Lets explore now—>>a

Serverless Frameworks

1. Zappa - A Pioneering Framework  Known for its pioneering role in industry & its impact on other frameworks. Ideal for web apps & REST API solutions, Zappa shines with its handling of WSGI-based apps, particularly those built with Flask or Django.

2. Serverless  The Top Choice Most sought-after serverless framework, with added bonus of being cloud-agnostic & supporting multiple cloud platforms, like AWS, & Microsoft Azure. This all-purpose framework is suitable for web apps, REST API, or IoT apps.

3. AWS Chalice - Python & REST API Powerhouse  A Python based framework that emphasis on web & REST API development. It follows conventions of popular micro-frameworks like Flask, making it a breeze to map URL routes to AWS Lambda & API Gateway.

4. Claudia.js- Lightweight and Versatile  A lightweight tool for deploying, managing & updating API and serverless backends. It can handle setting up API Gateway & Lambda functions & even manage existing infrastructure created through the AWS console.

5. Lambda Framework  A compute service by AWS that runs backend code in response to events lile S3 upload & DynamoDB updates. It takes care of infrastructure, allowing you to focus on coding & tracking performance with CloudWatch metrics & logs.

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