Top Serverless Frameworks you must know

The term "serverless" does not actually refer to a serverless environment. If you are a developer, you won't have to worry about creating a server, maintaining it, or deploying it.

Introduction to Severless

Serverless is the path to create and deploy applications on cloud. It eliminates the worry of maintaining the cloud infrastructure and developers simply pay on a per-use basis.

A tool that helps you create applications that scale massively while charging fractions of a cent, & now it offers monitoring, testing, and security features to help you operate those apps.

What is Serverless Frameworks?

A popular framework for creating web-based applications or REST API-like solutions. With Zappa, you can port Flask, Django into serverless platforms like AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway.

1. Zappa

One of the major benefits of this framework is that it is cloud neutral and platform neutral, so it works with AWS, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure, and many others.

2. Serverless

Chalice focuses on delivering web and REST APIs. Currently, it follows the conventions of popular micro-frameworks in Python, like Flask, and focuses on specifying URL routes.

3. AWS Chalice

A lightweight tool that deploys, manages, and updates APIs and serverless backends. It deploys and manages API gateway service on AWS, along with lambda functions that connect to APIs.

4. Claudia.js

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