Snowflake Interview Questions to Prepare For


A SaaS-based data warehouse platform built on top of cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, & Google Cloud, providing companies with flexible storage solutions & hosting BI solutions.

What is Snowflake?

1. How to access the Snowflake Cloud data warehouse?  2. Which ETL tools are compatible with Snowflake?

Snowflake Interview Questions for Freshers

3. Is Snowflake OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) or OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)?  4. Explain stages in Snowflake.

5. Explain in short about Snowflake Clustering.  6. In Snowflake, how are data and information secured?

7. Explain Snowpipe.  8. Snowflake is what kind of database?

1. State the difference between Star Schema and Snowflake Schema. 2. What is Data Retention Period in Snowflake?

Snowflake Interview Questions for Experienced

3. Could AWS glue connect to Snowflake?  4. What do you mean by zero-copy cloning in Snowflake?

5. Explain what is fail-safe.  6. What is the best way to remove a string that is an anagram of an earlier string from an array?

7. Explain Snowflake caching and write its type.  8. Explain how data compression works in Snowflake and write its advantages.

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