Top Software Engineering Projects

For Beginners to Experts

Use OpenCV algorithms for stitching videos and tracking objects. By stitching multiple live streams together, panoramic views can be created for a wider field of vision and ease of use.

1. Multi-Object Tracking and Identification in Panoramic View

2. A Smart Security Surveillance System

The project allow users to choose a stream of interest, and any movement within that stream is scanned, objects are classified, and suspicious activity is alerted to authorities.

3. Let’s Grow Smartly

This project combines child specialists and nutritionists into a single app. There will also be a community garage where parents can share creative insights about parenting.

The idea is to have a central repository for all photos, videos, and music so that these files are not only available on our home broadband network but also anywhere else in world.

4. Setting-Up Personal Home Cloud

With this route optimization app, your entire route will be guided from start to finish. It allows you to visit multiple places on the same day as planned, reducing your travel time.

5. Daily Route Planner

Traffic police can use this app to detect wrong parking. Also, provide violation history with one click, and you can pay challan via e-payment or add it to your car's annual tax.

6. E-Parking Challan

As part of this project, a robot will be developed that will be able to tell a lie in the same manner as humans do, mimicking that of a human being.

7. A Liar Robot

Develop a web portal to help batch advisors determine a student's eligibility for a course. It will save time and effort checking schedules and classes, clashes, prerequisites, etc.

8. Batch Advisory

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