Top Spring Interview Questions to Prepare for

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What is Spring Framework?

An open-source, lightweight framework that simplifies & accelerate the development of Java apps by providing infrastructure support, like Dependency Injection and more.

Top Features of Spring

1. Inversion of Control & Dependency Injection (IoC/DI). 2. Aspect-Oriented Programming. 3. Spring MVC for web development. 4. Transaction management for various environments.

Why Spring is Important?

Being proficient in Spring increases career opportunities as it is a highly sought-after skill in industry & can lead to job opportunities with top companies & higher salary potential.

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Spring, Spring Core, Spring IoC Interview Questions

1. Explain Bean life cycle in Spring Bean Factory Container.  2. What do you understand by Dependency Injection?  3. What is auto wiring and name the different modes of it?

Spring Boot Interview Questions

1. Differentiate between Spring and Spring Boot.  2. What are the possible sources of external configuration?  3. How to disable specific auto-configuration class?

Spring AOP, Spring JDBC, Spring Hibernate Interview Questions

1. How can you fetch records by Spring JdbcTemplate?  2. What is Hibernate Validator Framework?  3. What is Spring AOP Proxy pattern?

Spring MVC Interview Questions

1. How is the dispatcher servlet instantiated?  2. What is ContextLoaderListener and what does it do?  3. What are the types of Spring MVC Dependency Injection?

Spring MCQ Questions

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