Top SQL Commands you should know about

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Why do we use SQL?

1. Give access to data in RDBMS. 2. Allows data manipulation in database.  3. Allows to create/delete tables and databases with SQL statements. 4. Builds views, stored procedures, and functions in database.

Types of SQL Commands

Used to design the database structure, like creating, modifying, and deleting it. Commands are auto-committed, so all changes are stored permanently.   CREATE   DROP  ALTER  TRUNCATE

Data Definition Language(DDL) commands

It is used to manipulate data in a database. DML command is not auto-committed, so all modifications cannot be preserved.    INSERT  UPDATE  DELETE

Data Manipulation Language (DML)

It is used to retrieve and edit data held in databases.   GRANT  REVOKE

Data Control Language(DCL)

It is used to manage transactions in database. Also, handles DML statements modifications.  COMMIT  ROLLBACK  SAVEPOINT

Transaction Control Language(TCL)

It is used to query data contained in schema objects. It allows you to get data from a database and arrange it in order.

Data Query Language(DQL)

Find out how to use these SQL commands with syntax and examples…

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