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Introduction to SQL

Structured Query Language used for managing and storing data in relational database management systems.

What is Query in SQL?

A request for information or data from a database table or set of tables, used to retrieve specific information based on user-defined criteria.

Use cases of SQL

1. Ad hoc database queries  SQL commands are used to extract and display information on the screen, making it an easy-to-use tool for ad hoc database queries.

2. Database programming language  SQL instructions are incorporated into utility packages to access database information, used by both user-written and database software packages.

3. Server/client interface  SQL allows personal computer programs to interface with database servers through a network, utilized by enterprise-class apps using client/server design.

4. Distributed database control  SQL is used in distributed database control systems to manage and access data across multiple linked computer systems.

1. Be confident & stay cheerful.  2. Know the company's mission, products, & services.  3. Prepare & practice technical questions.  4. Give concise answers, avoiding irrelevant responses or questions.

Interview Preparation Tips

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