Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Interview Questions 


A software engineer who specializes in building & maintaining reliable systems that can handle unexpected changes, ensuring the system's availability, resilience, & security.

Who is a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)?

1. How can you use OOPs in designing a Server?  2. What are the states that the process could be in?

SRE Interview Questions for Freshers

3. Explain APR. Also, what are the stages of this?  4. What is a “/proc” file system?

5. What is DHCP, and for what is it used?  6. What do you know about Linux Shell? List different types of Shell.

SRE Interview Questions for Experienced

1. Define INodes. Also, state the reason why it is important.  2. What are SNAT and DNAT?

3. Where does caching take place in servers? And what is cache invalidation?  4. Explain in detail the working of ARP.

5. Define Service Level Indicators.  6. Describe the Sharding process. How does sharding improve performance?

1. Write a program that returns the leftmost value in the final row of a binary tree given the root.  2. Write a program to check If all asteroids can be eliminated, then return true. Return false otherwise.

SRE Coding Interview Questions

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