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A field of study that deals with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, & presenting numerical data, & is an essential foundation for data science & its applications in various fields.

What is Statistics?

1. Demonstrates analytical and problem-solving skills.  2. Useful in data-driven decision-making.  3. Sets you apart from other candidates.

Why learn statistics?

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Statistics Interview Questions for Freshers

1.  What is a hypothesis test? How is the statistical significance of an insight determined?

2.  What are cherry-picking, P-hacking, and significance chasing?

3.  What are the differences between Data Science and Statistics?

Statistics Interview Questions for Experts

1.  How might root cause analysis to be applied to a real-life situation?

2.  Left-skewed and right-skewed distributions exist, what are they?

3.  What does a degree of freedom (DF) represent in statistics?

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Statistics MCQ Questions

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