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TCS HR Interview

Why do you wish to work for TCS and not any other company?

Highlight TCS's strong reputation, global presence, and diverse work culture. Explain how your skills align with  company's mission & values

1. Why do you wish to work for TCS and not any other company?

Emphasize the importance of both work and compensation, but also highlight your passion for your field of work.

2. What's most important to you? Work or Money?

3. What makes you the best candidate for this position? 

Highlight your skills, relevant experience, & achievements that align with the job description. Show how you can contribute to company's growth.

4. How well do you know TCS as a company?

Demonstrate your knowledge of TCS's history, vision, and current projects. Mention any recent news or awards the company has received.

6. How do you stay abreast of technological developments?

Mention reading blogs, attending conferences, enrolling in courses, and working on side projects to keep up with the latest tech trends.

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