Troubleshooting Interview Questions to Prepare For


1. What is the difference between a Router, a Switch, and a Hub?  2. Name three steps you'd take to troubleshoot a problem with an FTP server.

Troubleshooting Interview Questions for Freshers

3. How would you prevent & troubleshoot internet browser crashes & freezes?  4. What should you do if you can't download a critical file because it's too large?

5. What is BIOS?  6. When debugging a VM's CPU performance difficulties, which counters will be used to indicate CPU contention?

1. How would you fix the ‘No Signal Input’ error on your screen?  2. Can one recover data from a dead PC?

Troubleshooting Interview Questions for Freshers

3. Discuss the best Network Troubleshooting Practices.  4. Explain differential backup vs incremental backup.

5. What are upper layer faults and how do you rectify them?  6. Under what circumstances can you not convert a basic disc to a dynamic disc?

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