Web Design Interview Questions to Prepare For

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A professional who designs & creates the visual layout and user interface of a website, with the goal of making it attractive, functional, & easy to use for its intended audience.

Who is a Web Designer?

Why Become a Web Designer?

1. Creative and challenging work.  2. Good salary potential. 3. High demand in the job market.  4. Opportunity to work on diverse projects

1.  Which color would you choose as a web designer when declaring the "delete" button?

Interview Questions for Freshers

2.  What is W3C and how does it affect web design?

3.  Can a web page have multiple H1 tags? Would it matter?

4.  How does white space affect the content on the webpage?

5.  Are there any ways to reduce the loading time for a page?

Advanced Interview Questions

6.  In what situations would you advise using JPEG and when would you recommend PNG?

7.  In order to make one picture higher or lower than the other, how do you align them in HTML?

8.  How are CSS files integrated into your webpage?

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