Wipro Interview Questions to Prepare For

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A global IT, consulting, & business process services firm known for its use of emerging technologies like cognitive computing, hyper-automation, & cloud to assist clients.

About Wipro

1. Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology & industry experts.  2. Competitive salary. 3. Global reach & extensive offering of services.

Why Join Wipro?

Wipro Recruitment Process 

1. Online Assessment  2. Test Technical Interview  3. HR Interview   Note: For critical roles, you may have to appear for 2 or more technical rounds before the HR interview.

Is the Wipro interview easy?

What truly matters is how well you prepare for the interivew. Familiarize yourself with the interview process, brush up on your technical knowledge, & practice.

Wipro Technical Interview Questions

1. What makes a macro faster than a function in C language?  2. Explain order of precedence & associativity in Java & how do you use them.  3. What is EUCALYPTUS in cloud computing?

Wipro Coding Interview Questions

1. Spiral Order Matrix I  2. Implement StrStr  3. Multiple left rotations of the array  4. String Inversion

Interview Preparation Tips

1. Review job requirements thoroughly.  2. Confidence is key; stay positive and smile.  3. Stay current with technology trends & practice coding regularly.

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This comprehensive guide will help you prepare for all aspects of the interview process.

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