Types of Information System

All you need to know

Looking for a system to manage data? Information systems comprises of various components that work together to process data and facilitate communication within organization.

Introduction to Information System

Information systems are essential for managing business data and operations. Choose the right system for your needs to streamline your business processes.

 - A TPS handles business transactions and updates records for reports.   - Use a TPS for payroll, stock control, and billing systems.

Types of Information System

1. Transaction Processing System

 - A MIS helps businesses make informed decisions with data visualization and analysis.   - Use a MIS for social media strategy and employee benefit planning.

2. Management Information System

 - A DSS helps businesses make decisions with data-driven models and simulations.   - Use a DSS for risk assessment and market analysis.

3. Decision Support System

 - An ESS provides top-level executives with tailored, real-time information.   - Use an ESS for strategic planning and monitoring company performance.

4. Executive Support System

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