Types   of Linked Lists

All you need to know

Linked lists are linear data structures comprised of linked nodes, each having corresponding data and a pointer to the next node's address.

Introduction to  Linked Lists

Linked lists start with the Head, which acts as an access point, while the Tail marks the end of the list by pointing to NULL.

Each node is linked to its next node, so we can only traverse in one direction. It has 2 – Data part containing data & next part containing address of next node.

Types of  Linked Lists

1. Single Linked List

Since every node contains a previous pointer, we can traverse both directions. It has 3 parts- data part, pointer to next node and pointer to previous node.

2. Doubly Linked List

Since circular linked lists are circular, the last node on the list will be connected to the first node. It can be of 2 types-     - Singly Circular Linked List    - Doubly Circular Linked List

3. Circular Linked List

Check out the algorithms and how these types are implemented in Java.

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