Types of Software Testing

All you need to know

Software engineers and developers perform numerous tasks to optimize software applications. Software testing is one such key task. But what does software testing entail?

This process allows developers to evaluate functionality of software applications. It involves testing various features of an application to ensure that it operates as intended.

Introduction to Software Testing

Based on what is to be tested, there can be different types of testing in software that are conducted.

Types of Software Testing

In manual testing, a software product is manually tested for bugs, defects, or malfunctions by software developers or testers.

1. Manual Testing

Automated testing uses tools, frameworks, & scripts to run tests that had previously been performed manually. A repetitive test may be automated using test scripts or testing tools.

2. Automation Testing

The tester performs this type of testing while remaining unaware of the application's coding logic. It involves comparing actual output values with set values provided by the tester.

3. Functional /Component Testing

In this, user experience of the product or application is tested. Testing for performance, load, security, portability, accountability, and efficiency are all non-functional tests.

4. Non-Functional Testing

It is a type of software testing where the product or application is tested with limited knowledge of its inner workings to verify if the product fulfills the user’s requirements.

5. Grey Box Testing

See what other Types of Software Testing are available.

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