Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Web Developer

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Professionals skilled at designing, developing, and maintaining websites. Likewise, they turn a client's design into a fully functional website or application.

Who is a Web Developer?

1. HTML, CSS, JavaScript. 2. Backend-technologies 3. DevOps and Deployment 4. JS libraries and frameworks 5. Testing and Debugging 6. Responsive Web Designing Skills 7. Git (Code Versioning) 8. Web hosting, etc.

Web Developer  Skills

1. Develop and maintain websites. 2. Use HTML/CSS to create website UI/layouts.  3. Facilitate hassle-free, quick resolutions with team.   4. Check test cases and routines for smooth code execution.

Responsibilities of Web Developer

1. Front-end Developer  2. Back-end Developer  3. Full-stack Developer

Job Roles for Web Developer

1. India - ₹310,413  2. Switzerland - $63,546.00  3. United States - $50,900.00  4. Australia - $52,717.00  5. Indonesia - $5,347.00  6. United Kingdom - $36,875.00

Average Web Developer Salary

Without passion and curiosity, everything is hard. Web developers have defined roles and responsibilities, so if you're excited about learning and growing, you're in the right place.

Is being a web developer hard?

What are the key web development trends that will rule the future?

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